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Why Attend?

Why Attend?


Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

Here's why your future self will thank you for attending Metro Connect USA...

Embark on a transformative journey at Metro Connect USA 2025! Attendees will delight in a landscape ripe for new business opportunities, connecting with industry leaders, discovering innovative solutions, and unlocking pathways to success. Elevate your business prospects and leave Metro Connect USA with a smile, having laid the foundation for prosperous ventures.

America's most influential connectivity event


Metro Connect USA serves as the meeting place for the entire fiber and connectivity ecosystem, uniting industry stakeholders with leading investors.

This convergence offers prospective attendees invaluable opportunities to forge strategic partnerships, secure investments, and gain insights into emerging trends, fostering growth and innovation across the digital infrastructure landscape.


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The biggest names in the industry on our stages


At Metro Connect USA, attendees gain access to impactful content providing in-depth insights, actionable strategies, and thought leadership from industry experts. These sessions offer valuable knowledge and perspectives on emerging trends, regulatory developments, and market dynamics, empowering attendees to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital infrastructure landscape.

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Why is Metro Connect USA the event for you?

Connectivity providers


Position your company as a market leader and forge deals with partners and investors to expand network reach.

Data centre operators

Data center

Meet your connectivity and managed service partners and hyperscale customers all under one roof.

Hyperscale/Cloud Service providers

Hyperscale/Cloud Service providers

Procure your connectivity needs and share insights on the infrastructure needed to support end users.

Content providers/CDNs

Content providers

Meet with connectivity providers to get content to distribute to end users. 



Meet with the operators and investors you need to grow your business.



Build partnerships with ISPs and content providers. 



A unique opportunity to engage with leaders across various sectors of the digital infrastructure industry, facilitating strategic discussions and potential investment opportunities.

Satellite operators


Forge strategic partnerships with fiber operators and explore opportunities for deploying infrastructure that supports the growing demand for connectivity across various industries.