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Hexatronic US, Inc.

Hexatronic offers a wide selection of fiber system solutions and products for FTTH, metro, access and submarine networks. Our system solutions consist of air-blown fiber systems and network systems with traditional fiber optic drop cables. Our air-blown fiber systems are especially developed for metro and access networks with the highest requirements when it comes to scalability, short installation time and performance. Our system solutions and products are designed to meet the needs of upgrading and network extension. The payoff is life cycle cost control of a network. Based on know-how and experience from the companies within Hexatronic, we are able to offer the fiber optic product portfolio that meets all requirements in a fiber optic infrastructure. Hexatronic strives to strengthen our position as the leading player in the work of connecting people to the global digital infrastructure, by continuous development of innovative solutions and products.


341 E Catawba St
United States
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