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Digital Ubquity Capital Inc.

At Digital Ubiquity Capital (DUC), we are devoted to solving the digital divide in the USA and Canada by developing Broadband Digital Utility projects. As experienced developers, we deploy governance models, advanced technology, financing strategies, and comprehensive management solutions, to create fully functional broadband companies that meet the unique connectivity needs of communities. We believe that partnering with cities, communities and electrical coops to develop Digital Utility projects provides the optimal blueprint to strategize, construct, finance, and expand fiber and wireless broadband networks to cater to the future connectivity needs of cities and counties. Our approach draws on the best methodologies, governance structures, and efficiencies to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain digital infrastructure. We ensure transparency and efficiency via an integrated project governance portal powered by Digital Twin technology. The DUC approach aligns with the needs and aspirations of municipalities and counties. We strive to form public-private partnerships and financing syndicates that develop broadband utilities, anticipating and addressing community connectivity needs both now and into the future. We view digital infrastructure as a pivotal aspect of community development, just as railroads, roads, electrical power, and waterways have been in the past. Join us at DUC in forming a partnership that advances the future of broadband connectivity, ensuring communities remain at the forefront of the digital evolution.


59 Deer Street Suite 3B
United States
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