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DC BLOX is a data center and network services provider in the Southeast delivering the infrastructure and connectivity essential to power today’s digital business. The rapid growth of the Southeastern US and the desire of hyperscale, cloud and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies to deploy infrastructure closer to their consumers in the region is driving massive investments to expand digital infrastructure. The accelerating scale of digital communications, the need for richer user experiences in accessing content, and the desire to expand cloud infrastructure to edge markets is driving demand for data center and fiber capacity across the region. At DC BLOX, we understand the evolving landscape where IT becomes more distributed and agile, demanding higher capacity digital infrastructure in edge markets. With the rise of IoT, social media, personal communications, and the transformative impact of AI/ML, the need for scalable solutions is more critical than ever. In the face of this unprecedented demand, DC BLOX stands out as a vertically integrated digital infrastructure provider, uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive solutions at scale. Our ability to deliver build-to-suit data centers and dark fiber routes caters to diverse needs, ensuring that our customers can accelerate the regional deployment of their services. Experience the DC BLOX advantage – where our commitment to excellence meets the evolving needs of the digital age. Join us in building the future of digital infrastructure, tailored to your unique requirements. Learn more about our mission, capabilities, and commitment to accelerating the region’s economic growth.


1040 Crown Point Pkwy
Suite #560
United States
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